Batman Arkham Asylum Free Download

Game Description: Shortly after the Joker was imprisoned at Arkham Hospital, he escaped from prison with the help of a man named Harley Quinn, who released all the prisoners, closed the doors of the hospital and trapped Batman and Commissioner Gordon inside the hospital. he does. He takes control of the sanatorium and threatens to blow up Gotham if anyone tries to enter the sanatorium. As Batman, you have the task of thwarting the Joker's plan and preventing him from doing bad things. The game's graphics are well designed. This game is made using the latest version of the unreall engine 3 graphics engine and shows the atmosphere of Arkham Hospital well. The game's characters were also well designed. Batman and the Joker character are excellent and detailed. Arkham Asylum is full of different items that are placed all over the game environment and you can access them by searching all over the environment. Meeting the game's characters will also release their biographies, which you can read later. The gameplay is almost the same as in the watchman comics game. And the game progresses based on combat battles, and while playing some of the rough techniques, the game camera zooms in and shows the slow scene of the art performance, which is also very interesting. In addition to killing scenes, the game is also busy, which is also busy. It will be fun with the Batman hook

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» Suggested system:
OS: Windows Vista / XP
Processor: 3Ghz Intel or AMD or any Dual Core
Memory: 1GB Ram (XP) / 2GB Ram
Graphics: PCI Express SM3 NVidia 6600 / ATI 1300
DirectX®: 9
Hard Drive: 8GB free space
»Persian Name: Batman: Shelter in Arkham
»English name: Batman Arkham Asylum
Publisher: Warner Bros.
»Published: Sep 23, 2013
»Game style: action, war
»Approximate size: 8.5 GB

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